Free, Simple and User-friendly

PickTeam@Work is available freely on the AppStore and PlayStore. Download, setup your profile and start communicating with employees of your region.

Promotes Car Pooling

Encourages co-workers to use car pooling solution for travelling to and from office by showing a map of all nearby users travelling to the same destination (site).

Promotes Communication

Facilitates communication between neighbouring users through the integration of an instant messaging feature. Users listed on the map have a button to initiate chat.

Restricted to Employees

PickTeam@Work is restricted to employees only. Users listed on the map can be co-workers or employees from another nearby company matching the destination.

Visual Map

A graphical representation of users’ pickup point enabling them to get in touch with surrounding users. Markers show whether users are seeking or proposing a transport.

News Management

Admin or representatives can broadcast road related or any other news to PickTeam@work users directly through the application.


Setup Profile

  • Setup your profile to get started
  • Choose your prefered pickup point
  • Choose your current arrival point
  • Indicate if you have a transport
  • Define a search radius at arrival
  • Define your work schedule

Browse Map

  • Show users depending on your profile
  • Users having same arrival point
  • Users with arrival point within radius
  • A red marker looking for a transport
  • A green marker proposing a transport
  • Show corresponding users schedule
  • Chat button to initiate communication

Start Conversation

  • One to one communication
  • Instant messaging
  • Conversation history
  • Consult availability of transport
  • Schedule or request a transport
  • Online/Offline notifications


PickTeam@Work is very easy to use. It has been designed to make the user feel more at ease when using the app. The user interfaces are very user friendly and very much self explanatory. Have a look at the screens.

App screenshot img
App screenshot img
App screenshot img
App screenshot img
App screenshot img
App screenshot img


Start using PickTeam@Work now, its totally free and it is available on both Apple Store and Google play. Please read our terms of use and privacy policy before using PickTeam@Work.


PickTeam@Work is designed as a platform to manage the relationship and communication between companies, sites and workers. PickTeam@Work is also the ultimate carpooling solution to find a transport to go to work.
In order to search for neighbouring users, go to the home screen. You will find nearby users represented by location tags.
To start a conversation with a specific user, click on the location tag of the user and a modal showing the user's details will appear. Click on the chat button found at the bottom of the modal.
In order to define your schedules, go to Profile in the menu bar and define your work schedules.
In order to get your company code, a resource person (HR, Admin or Management) will contact you.


Please feel free to contact PickTeam@Work for all your queries or suggestions. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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